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Urbanisation: The Changes and Challenges

Urbanisation has quickly become a major phenomenon around the world due to many reasons. As a result, the urban cities of today’s world are drastically different when compared to the rural areas. While these urban cities do have unique features to one another, there are some common ones that can be pointed out when looking closely. This article looks to shed some light on these common features and explain exactly how urban cities are unique to any other part of a country. Without further ado, let us get right into what these are all about.

Populations Growth

The first noticeable thing that can be seen in the urban cities of the world is the fact that there is a big population growth. Now this is influenced by many things and can sometimes be unique to each city, however, the growth of population is something that is common.

These can often be seen with the number of apartments and housing schemes that start to pop up. Moreover, these are quickly occupied by people coming from the rural towns since they are made to be affordable. The reason for the population growth is a result of many pull factors in urban cities.


One of the biggest pull factors is the fact that there are better employment opportunities for the skilled individual. In many cases, corporate giants often set their head office in urban cities due to the fact that these places are easily accessible to anyone in the region.

On top of that, it creates several job opportunities that are high paying, thus attracting people from the rural towns to migrate to these urban cities to take their chances in landing these high paying jobs. In many instances, these job opportunities come with several benefits as well.


Then comes the development of the city itself. Urban cities always look to the future, therefore it always considered ways in which it can contribute to the economy of the country in different and significant ways. This makes it another pull factor for many people living in rural towns to migrate as it promises a better quality of life in many cases.

Moreover, due to the technological advancements that is espoused in these urban cities, water, electricity, sanitation, and other utilities are relatively easy to obtain as the protocols are simple. In fact, you could now obtain without even going to a physical office.


One of the challenges though is that due to the increased population and the many activities in urban cities, some utilities can suffer from breakdowns. One of the most common ones is the clogging of drainpipes and water pipes. For example, many people have the opportunity to choose the best CCTV pipe inspection services in Melbourne to make sure that clogs do not hamper their way of life.Similarly, sorting out electricity issues can also be challenging but these cities often have a number of professionals to do the job.

Overall, urban cities change a lot in terms of opportunities for people and quality of life too.

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