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Things To Consider Before Buying Your First Art Deco Fixture

The retro look of the 1930s-1940s is back and one of the ways you could incorporate it in your home’s design is by purchasing decorative lighting fixtures that look antique (without the hefty price). This trend in home lighting fixtures is gaining momentum and if you think this is just hyped and the interest will soon fade, you might be wrong.

Once you started looking at their classic designs, you would conclude that there is a reason why it is generating a buzz. The pieces are considered to be timeless with their geometric designs and bold plethora of colours.

If you are still hesitant about buying your first art deco fixture, the below tips could help you ease into it.

Focus on one piece first

Consider your art deco fixture as accent pieces and focus on one piece first. Don’t rush into deciding which piece you want to purchase. Take time to pick out an art deco lighting that you like. Or if you would want to go crazy and change all your home’s lighting fixtures into art deco, you would want your first piece to complement the others you are planning on buying in the future. Of course, you also need to consider the furniture and other parts of the room where you plan to install your art deco piece.

Focus on one geometric pattern

You don’t want to overwhelm your home with different clashing geometric patterns. Art deco lights fixtures come in various geometric patterns and it would be better if you focus on one geometric pattern instead of trying to combine numerous patterns.

If it could not be helped, choose patterns that are complementary so as not to overpower the existing feel and look of your home. Although, you could reupholster your existing sofa or ottoman to match the geometric pattern of the geometric lighting fixture you recently purchased.

Focus on complementary accessories

Similar to the point above, complementary accessories to your art deco fixtures would help make your home more stylish. If your art deco piece is a pendant light or hanging lamp, other accessories you could purchase table lamps or standing lights as accompaniment. You should not just rely on one source of light to illuminate one area or room of your home because these complementary accessories are not only decorative and would bring sophistication to your home, they are still light sources that would help brighten your home and set the mood and ambience you want.

There are other art deco accessories that would make your lighting fixtures standout such as decorations that are made out or shiny metals, eccentrically shaped accents and furniture painted in muted colours and with polished finishes.

Interior design experts have concluded that the art deco movement is here to stay since it is as good as it was back then. The look is chic and contemporary even if it is antique inspired. For the years to come, it would continue to be relevant and modern.

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