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How to Choose the Right Paint Roller for Different Jobs

Paint plays a huge role in beautifying your home. The colours make your home look fresher and livelier and could even create an ambience that you like depending on the colour palette you use. Repainting your home also makes it look new no matter how old the house is. Painting different parts of your home is an easy task and you could do it perfectly well as long as you have the complete and correct tools to do the job.

Paint rollers are one of the essential tools you’ll need when painting. Unlike regular paint brushes, paint rollers make the job easier and faster to do. However, with so many types of paint rollers available in the market, it could be confusing which one is the right one to choose. To help you out, here is a simple guide on how to choose the right roller depending on the paint job type you have.

Medium Pile Microfiber Roller

Different rollers come in different pile lengths. The medium pile roller is one of the mostly used type among all others. It can be used on water-based emulsions, perfect for painting internal walls and ceiling. Medium pile rollers are perfect for applying paint on internal walls since the surface is mostly smooth and even. It glides smoothly on the surface, applying an even coat of paint on the wall.

Long Pile Microfiber Roller

Long pile rollers have longer pile length compared to medium pile. Because of the longer pile length, it is perfect to be used in painting external walls and other more textured surfaces. Longer piles can reach deeper into the low points of a rough wall, filling in the entire area with colour. Long pile rollers are only good for external walls and not for internal walls since it would create an orange-peel texture due to too long pile length.

Mini Roller

The mini roller is designed differently than the previous two types. Mini rollers are usually made from foam instead of microfiber. This material is perfect in applying paint into wooden surfaces since it creates a smoother and more even finish unlike regular paint rollers. However, if you’re applying water-based woodwork paints, it is best to opt for microfibre mini roller instead of foam to prevent paint bubbles from forming on the wood surface.

Additional Accessories

Aside from paint rollers, you’ll also need some basic accessories to make your painting job more convenient. A roller extension pole can be attached to the regular roller so you could easily reach higher parts of the walls and even the ceiling. You don’t need to use a stepladder anymore when you have an extension pole, making it easier and more convenient for you to finish the paint job faster than the usual.

When planning to do a paint job at home, be sure to choose the right paint roller that is suited to your needs for a beautiful and perfect paint finish.

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