How to Create a Modern Kitchen Design

Modern kitchen designs are known for their minimal elegance and clean lines. Both function and aesthetics are considered in modern design and in this article, we will look at some of the main elements of this style.

Clean lines are synonymous with modern design.

You have to prioritise simplicity in the kitchen design. Modern designs are clutter free and this can be obtained with streamlined cabinetry and doing away with unnecessary ornamentation. Simple hardware is best for this style and you can use flat panel cabinet doors to further enhance the minimal style. You can check out some of the work done by Markel Design Kew to get some inspiration for a modern luxurious kitchen design. You will also need to work within a neutral colour palette and this will generally include greys, white sand earthy tones. This will create a timeless colour scheme and you will be able to emphasise other design elements. You can also use a pop of colour in the accessories used or add a statement piece so that there is an area for the eye to focus on. This will help to create visual interest without adding to visual chaos.

Consider the materials used for the kitchen.

There are innovative materials that can help you achieve your vision of a contemporary kitchen design. You can use concrete, glass or steel for the backsplashes and countertops. You have to consider the durability of the materials and whether they are easy to clean and maintain. This will help you uphold the functional aspect of modern design. Make sure to look into smart storage solutions such as hidden cabinetry, pull out drawers, lift mechanisms, touch open solutions and other organisational inserts. All of this can help increase the efficiency of your storage and help to keep the kitchen uncluttered. You need to have a place for everything in the kitchen so that you can keep everything organised. Open shelving is also an option you can consider. You can display stylish cookware and this will also make them more accessible. You can find ornamentation through the functional elements of the kitchen such as pots and pans, plates and cutlery.

You can integrate technology

Into the kitchen design by having smart appliances that save electricity and water, built-in charging stations, touch activated faucets, voice or motion activated lighting etc. Lighting plays an important role in kitchen design. You can use pendant lights above the kitchen island and this can be considered statement pieces. And for other ambience lighting, recessed lighting can be used to create a clean appearance. Under cabinet lighting can help illuminate the countertops. Make sure to look into natural lighting as well so that you don’t always need to depend on artificial light. The open concept layout is given priority in modern kitchen design as this allows the space to connect seamlessly to other living spaces of the house. This will encourage more social interactions. The kitchen can then become a central gathering place for the family and guests. 

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