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Why Take a Hot Bath or Shower?

I think its common consensus that we all love taking hot baths and showers. Something about the hot water hitting the body alleviates all the tension of a long day and helps us feel invigorated and refreshed. Apart from the relaxing properties that a hot water bath can have we did some research into this practice that has its origins in heaven (that’s a fact) and found that there are even more benefits to it than we thought. Read on to find out more about this.

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Benefit No.1 – It lowers blood sugar

I know we were pretty surprised to find out about this one too. Turns out that a hot water bath might be just what you need to burn away all those calories and reveal the six pack below. In a study done by Loughborough university, a group of men were recruited to stay in a hot bath for an hour each, it was found after they were taken out of the bath that they had each expended the same number of calories as if they had gone for a half hour walk (which is about 140 calories). Surprisingly happy news, and all the more incentive for you to draw up a bath right now.

Benefit No.2 – Falling asleep faster

Now this one is one that everyone can attest to. Hot water relaxes the muscles and promotes relaxation like nothing else. It increases body temperature and relaxes the mind as well as the body. That said, it is all too tempting to lay in that tub forever and you don’t want to fall asleep in there so make sure you set a timer if you’re the narcoleptic type.

Benefit No.3 – Lowers Blood pressure

Hot water baths turn out to be fantastic for people who suffer from high blood pressure. Due to the relaxing effect that they have on the mind and body this one seems pretty obvious to us and studies back it up as well.

Benefit No.4 – Cleans and moisturizes the skin

Soaking in the hot water will open up the pores in the skin making it easier for all the sweat and dirt trapped within to be expelled. The result is fresh and clean skin. In addition, the skin will be moisturized by the hot water. Often times leaving the hot water bath will leave the skin looking a bit wrinkly but that’s actually a good thing! The warm water moisturizes the skin and keeps it healthy and fresh.

All in all, the practice of having a hot water bath is unparalleled for what it can do for us in terms of relaxation and mental and spiritual health.

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