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When to Replace Your Door Locks

Something that not many of us realise is that door locks need to be changed once in a while. They are not permanent and like any piece of hardware, they can break. Over time, they can erode and be subjected to damage. This is why it is so important to inspect your home so you know when to replace or repair items when needed.

If you have a lock that has to be replaced, you can contact All Care Locksmiths Wallan so that you can ensure your home is secure once again. The most common reason that people replace their locks is if they have been damaged. Sometimes, there are issues when you try to turn the key and you may be faced with a door that will not lock or will not open. If you are finding yourself forcing the lock open by jiggling it a few times, then your lock has deteriorated. Instead of trying to force it open or leaving it unlocked, you can call an emergency locksmith that can come to your home and rectify the problem.            

Over time, locks are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. This is especially noticeable in locks that are frequently used such as the entrance door, bathrooms etc. Most of the time, if you move houses, you will find that one or two locks have worn down and need to be replaced. If you notice any rust on your exterior locks, this is a sign that there is a weakness of the lock components and therefore making it easier for a person to break-in. Think about your neighbourhood environment and whether vandalism and violence have increased recently. If you have an old lock that has not been upgraded in a while, it is best to choose a new lock that provides more protection. You can also get the opinion of a locksmith on whether you need to upgrade it. You have to shore up your defences when neighbourhood crime rates go up.

You need to always change the locks if you are moving into a new apartment or home. You can check with the landlord if the locks are changed, but most of the time, if the locks are still in working condition, they will be left as it is. Having the same lock as the previous occupant or occupants is a potential security risk as there will be several people who may be able to enter your home. While this may not happen, it is best to be safe than sorry and replace the locks. And of course, if your home has been broken into and the locking mechanism is now damaged, you will definitely need to replace them. Even if there is no damage, this is an indication your locks are not sufficiently secure. You can also change the locks if you have let go of a housekeeper or babysitter etc. If you parted on bad terms and if they have a copy to the house, it is best to change the locks for safety.

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