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The Security Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting can be done in both residential and commercial spaces. While it is important to have security measures such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems, window tinting can also add to your overall security.

Residential window tinting can reinforce the strength of glass doors and windows. These tints or films are made from durable materials and when they adhere to the surface of the glass, they create a protective barrier that will make it difficult for anybody to break through. If a potential intruder is trying to force entry into the house, tinted windows have a lower chance of breaking or shattering which can give you another layer of security. This will delay unauthorised access to your home so that you have more time to get to a safer place and call the authorities.    The window tints will offer a discreet way of reinforcing the strength of glass without compromising aesthetics of visibility whereas grills or bars on the windows can signal that your property is a target. Intruders are not able to see your possessions through the window which will further deter their motivation to break in. This will prevent vandalism of your property as well.

Some criminals tend to carry out smash and grab thefts.

They will not enter the property but they will break through a glass door or window to quickly steal any valuables that are in reach. This is a common security risk for businesses as well. But this practice is deterred by the use of window tints. This is because the tint film will hold the glass shards after impact so that it is more difficult for a potential intruder to access the property. Privacy is an essential component of security and you will be able to keep valuable assets and sensitive information from view while you can still enjoy the natural light filtering in through the window. A person passing by your home or business will find it very difficult to see into the property and this can bring down the risk for opportunistic theft. Glass surfaces and windows are targeted for graffiti and vandalism and this can bring down the appearance of your property. But with window tinting, you can easily replace this film or layer if it gets defaced or damaged. You can consider this as a sacrificial layer that can easily be removed.

You can also find window tints that have specially designed anti-graffiti films.

These will resist etching, scratching or paint damage. This is a great way to preserve the integrity of the windows and ensure their original appearance. You will not have to worry about repair costs or maintenance in this way. Window tinting will also offer UV protection to your interior so that fading or deterioration of furnishings can be prevented. In addition to protecting your property against threats, you will also be able to enjoy additional safety during natural disasters. If the window or door happens to shatter during an earthquake, hurricane etc. the film will hold the glass shards so that you don’t have any flying debris. This will prevent injuries that can occur from broken glass.

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