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Spa vs Hot Tub: The Major Differences

Coke vs. cola, spa vs. hot tub, and other similar-yet-different products are categorised by soft lines in the sand that humans draw. The terms “spa,” “hot tub,” and “Jacuzzis®” are also frequently used similarly, similar to how “soda” and “pop” can refer to both Pepsi and Coke.

What distinguishes them then? Which phrase best sums up what you’re looking for? Discover the differences between a spa and a heated pool, as well as which one would be more appropriate for your backyard, by reading on.

Real Issue: Should I Build or Buy?

Both spas and hot tubs are hydrotherapeutic devices that use heat and water jets to produce calming, enjoyable sensations. Hot tubs are purchased as prefabricated pieces, whereas spas are built on site, which is the largest difference between the two.


Typically, these in-ground systems are added as long-lasting upgrades to already-existing backyard pools. The building procedure for a spa connected to a new pool will normally take several weeks, based on the schedule for the pool construction, as they are built completely from scratch in your yard excavation to steel/rebar installation to pouring the spa floor and providing a finish. For the in-ground spa, the linked pool, and the equipment pad, these custom constructions call for greater backyard space.

Spas provide individuals the independence and flexibility to modify the design to their preferred style because they’re created specifically for a homeowner. Spas can be designed to the exact requirements of its owners, from shape and size to LED lighting, customizable jet location, overflow edges, and other special design components. Additionally, because they are constructed beside a pool, spas utilize the same filtration, heating, and pumping systems as an in-ground pool.

The purpose for which a spa is designed is another differentiation. It is typically constructed as an additional feature to heighten the appeal of a domestic pool. Swimmers can quickly and simply transition from the pool into the adjacent spa to warm up and unwind after a swim like with this lorne luxury 6 person spa.

Hot tubs

All that homeowners need to do is purchase and assemble these prefab units. One might easily purchase a hot tub unit from a neighbouring pool supply store, have it placed in their backyard on the same day, and do it all very effortlessly.

Hot tubs are by definition above-ground and independent due to their prefab construction. The piping and electrical systems, as well as all other hot tub components, are integrated within the hot tub “cabinet” or enclosure. As a result, convenience can be had for less money and in less area, but durability and customisation suffer.

Hot tubs are particularly popular with owners who aren’t yet ready to spend in establishing an in-ground pools or who might not have the space for a pool because they are autonomous from pools and can often be installed for less money than a pool. A hot tub is frequently the focal point of backyard entertainment.

What exactly is a Jacuzzi?

The phrase “Jacuzzi vs. hot tub” is a little unnecessary. As Kleenex is to tissues, a Jacuzzi is to a hot tub.A Jacuzzi is merely a particular brand of hot tub. The home hydrotherapy market was originally made possible by the Jacuzzi brand, which also made it widely available.

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