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Common Ducted Heating Issues

Ducted gas heating is an efficient way of heating your home and it is also a cheaper alternative when it comes to electrical systems. It is also a very reliable system as the outside temperatures will not affect the performance of the system. But before you invest in a ducted gas heating system, you should be aware of the concerns related to the system and how to respond to these.

You need to have regular maintenance checks to ensure the system runs smoothly. You can contact ducted heating repairs Narre Warren for any concerns regarding your system. You can also have them inspect the system once a year so as to reduce technical issues you may have. Preventative care is the best way of ensuring the performance of the system remains high. This ensures a warm and comfortable home throughout the colder months. You need to select an experienced and reputed company to install ducted gas heating in your home. They will select the right size of ducted vents depending on the size of your home. If there is inefficient heating, it may be due to incorrect sizing. In this case, you may need to resize the system.

If there is an issue with operational efficiency, this can be due to clogged filters. They have to be cleaned by a professional. When the filters are clogged, the amount of air circulated will be limited and your heater will also work overtime spending more energy just to push through the build-up on the filters. This can be mould or dirt. This will also lead to your indoor air becoming polluted. When there is bacteria and dust build-up in the filters, it can lead to infections and allergies. Some issues with ducted gas heating are due to a malfunctioning thermostat. This will cause the temperature in your home to fluctuate. A ducted gas heating system that has high performance will have an even distribution of heat throughout the home. Sometimes you may need to repair the thermostat. In certain situations, you may need to replace the thermostat completely. You can contact a professional technician to take a look to see what is wrong exactly.

Sometimes, heating problems can be due to ignition issues or a faulty pilot. This can occur if there is insufficient lubricant or clogging in the system. These are technical issues that will require the expertise of a professional. Then there is general wear and tear that the system will be subjected to. This can be minimised with regular maintenance. You can also check with the installation company about the frequency of maintenance and how they can be appointed to carry out yearly inspections and maintenance. If you miss service appointments, you might have more issues such as repairs or replacements for mechanical parts of the system. A professional technician can inspect the system to see which parts are malfunctioning and replace them to ensure efficient operation. General wear and tear can bring down the useful life of the system and give rise to problems such as irregular heat control.

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