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Bathroom Interior – Different Types of Vanities

Did you know that your bathroom vanity holds the power of setting and enhancing the style within your bathroom space? It can even be considered as the focal point by many, depending on how the rest of your bathroom space has been styled. Bathroom vanities are a statement piece that needs to be done right.

As the world keeps moving forwards and the knowledge on designing products have immensely increased in terms of looks and function, many different ranges of bathroom vanities have also been produced. Weather your bathroom space is big or small, you can still make a huge impact by choosing the right vanity set with the help of professional opinions.

They come in a variety of different styles and sizes all of which can be customized and set up according to your preference if need be. Here are the different types of bathroom vanities you can choose from when it comes to modelling or remodelling your bathroom space.

Cabinet style

A cabinet styled bathroom vanity is similar to that of the kitchen cabinets that have a set of doors that can be pulled outwards. This form of vanity style is not only timeless but also a classic choice that dates back in time. It adds in a vintage touch to the space and can even be customized to add more eye-catching tones and features like the knobs, handles and cabinet lining.

One with a vessel

Although found mostly in restaurants and hotels, a vessel vanity is a modern feature that is made of an upward rising bowl place on top of the vanity. Many also choose to enrich the look of their bathrooms at home with this option and it does work great interior wonders! Not only are they a beautiful piece of element, but the vanity beneath the vessel can also fulfill the necessary storage purposes. It is a very complimentary choice and definitely eye-catching.

Wall mounted/ Floating

A type of vanity that many are opting for lately due to its elegance and beauty. A wall mounted or floating vanity is ones of the most space friendly options that you can go for. Floating vanities help add in a modern and charming look to the space. It is important to research the depth of it when choosing the right bathroom vanity so as to know the benefits of it.

Free standing

Like the name alone suggests, a freestanding vanity stand alone with legs and is not mounted or fixated to any part of the bathroom. They are known to be a wonderful option for bigger spaces with a large storage space available underneath. A freestanding vanity can also be customized according your needs and choices.

One for narrow spaces

If your bathrooms space is a small one, worry not as you still have the option of adding in vanity that is narrow and fitting. While the storage space is comparatively less that the others, it still provides you with the functional purposes while also brightening up the space.

Let us know which vanity type you prefer!

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